Hey there,

My name is Nikki and you have found my blog. I am a Christ follower, wife, mother, pastor, autism advocate, foodie, history nerd, city girl with a love for southern charm, who also happens to be an amateur writer. The heart behind this blog is vulnerability and transparency. Each one of our paths are unique…littered with victories and defeats, successes and failures, achievements and shattered dreams. We all experience different ups and downs in life. Yet, we live in the age where the highlight reel overshadows reality to the point that we no longer know the difference between the real and the fake. My blog is all real…a “No Highlight Reel” zone, if you will. Because I believe true growth can only begin from a place of total honesty. That is the heartbeat of this blog, growth on the journey. Realizing that we are never alone in our experiences, no matter how amazing or painful. The beauty for me is knowing that God can use every single circumstance of this life for His glory and our good if we allow Him to. This journey called life is not an easy one but it can be joyful one . This blog is a place to come and know that wherever you are on the journey you are never alone. And while our paths may be different, we are all heading in the same direction…toward eternity. From me that journey is leading me home. to the Savior who died for me; the God who loved me first and loves me most. He is the same Savior that died for and loves you too. Maybe you don’t know Him yet, that’s ok, you were still on my heart when I wrote these posts. Just know you will always find Jesus woven into the fabric of this blog because without Him there is no me.

With much love,

Nikki xoxo

Nikki Catherincchia is the Teaching Pastor and the Academic Director for the School of Leadership at The Woods Church in the Metro Detroit area. Nikki has been teaching Bible studies for over 15 years, preaches, and speaks at events nationwide. She is also the director of Immerse: A Women’s Conference, which began in 2018.

Born and raised in Metro Detroit, Nikki has stayed close to her roots and her big Italian family. She has been married to her high school best friend, Matt, for over 20 years and they have two young adult sons and a beautiful daughter who is home with Jesus. Matt and Nikki also operate a charity they named Santino’s Voice, in honor of their younger son who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of two. This charity serves individuals and families impacted by autism as well as organizations that serve the special needs community.